Metrostav is Constructing a Highway Tunnel in Slovakia

  • 30. 07. 2014
  • Tisková zpráva
The driving of the Poľana tunnel on Slovakia’s Highway D3 between Svrčinovec – Skalité, near the border with the Czech Republic and Poland, started today (July 31) with a festival consecration of a statue of St. Barbara – patroness of miners and tunnel builders. The 898m long underground structure will be constructed by a consortium that also includes the largest Czech civil engineering company, Metrostav. The tunnel is located in the Čadca district in the Žilina Region. It forms part of a more than 12km section of Highway D3 between Svrčinovec and Skalité which – once completed – will reduce the driving time from Svrčinovec to the Slovak – Polish border by almost 10 minutes. This transport link will also substantially reduce the current negative impact of traffic and considerably improve the living environment of the inhabitants of nearby communities. The driven part of the tunnel is 860m long, and Metrostav will construct it using the NATM method (New Austrian Tunneling Method). The Czech tunnel builders, with experience in Prague, Iceland, Finland, and Norway, will work in the highly complicated geological conditions of the Carpathian Flysch Belt characterized by alternating layers of claystones and sandstones in different stages of weathering and tectonic damage. The tunnel face area will be approximately 105 square meters, which is – by comparison – only 20 m2 less than that of the Blanka tunnel in Prague. The tunnel will have two single-side emergency bays, an escape gallery in place of the future left tunnel tube, and three passages connecting the gallery with the tunnel. In addition to the Slovak officials, the ceremony was also attended by Ing. Milan Veselský, Sales Director of Metrostav. He emphasized that Slovakia was a traditional business territory for the largest Czech civil engineering company. "Our successful subsidiary and specialized divisions of our company are active in Slovakia. We have a lot to offer thanks to our knowledge of the local environment, our similarity of languages and legislative environments, as well as the representation of Slovak colleagues in our teams. I believe that we will achieve the milestone set for June 24, 2015, when the driving of the right tunnel tube should be completed. I also hope that we will succeed in our other Slovak tenders where we are represented." Metrostav is currently reconstructing a tram line in the Dúbravka district of the Slovak capital. Several weeks ago, the company completed an emergency admission pavilion in L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice which is now competing for the Construction of the Year Award.