Sacre Coeur2 celebrates construction milestone

  • 04. 05. 2015 | zdroj:
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A steel bridge over Strahov tunnel in now in place to support residential project Residential developer SATPO has finished a crucial step in the construction of its Sacre Coeur2 residential project in Prague on a slope near KinskyGarden. The project’s general contractor, Metrostav, successfully lifted a bridging steel structure over the Strahov tunnel. This is a technologically unique solution in the construction industry. Structurally, the bulk of the construction of the building, located directly above the body of the Strahov tunnel, is divided into three separate units. The south and north wings of the building consist of a steel structure that bridges the tunnel and transfers the load to the surrounding buildings. Now that the structural bridge is in place, construction on the flats can begin. A gala event to mark the occasion was attended by SATPO CEO Ing. Tibor Mikóczi, while sales manager Mgr. Lubos Králíček described the project and detailed information about the actual construction was presented by Metrostav Division 9 site manager Ing. Luke Brezina. During the event, guests had the opportunity not only to look at the building, but also to see the stunning views of the historic center of Prague. "Breathtaking views, quality comparable to the highest world standards, timeless and airy architecture, functionality in every aspect, protection of your privacy. … These all were the criteria which we had on our mind when we – in cooperation with the renowned 4A architectural studio – were designing this unique residential complex. Our priority is focused on the comprehensive quality of your housing. Our commitment does not end with your purchase of a new flat, loft or perhaps penthouse, but, quite the opposite, it just starts here," the developer states about the project. According to SATPO, the flats at Sacre Coeur2 have a design that looks beyond he standard doors and corridors. The developer claims to have designed a modern place to live full of light and interesting layouts with standard flats that by their quality and concept designs by far exceed other offers of residential projects. “All the Sacre Coeur2 flats are divided into two zones – living and private. Each living zone has its own toilette with a washbasin, which will certainly be appreciated not just by you, but also by your guests. The bedroom, children´s bedroom and other rooms are situated in the private zone of a flat,” SATPO states. The 3+kitchenette and 4+kitchenette flats have two bathrooms as a standard. “Evening atmosphere is strengthened by a possibility of a pleasant sit-down on the balcony or terrace of your new flat,” the developer says. The project also has two-floor lofts with a spacious living room with a height over five meters and a view of the Prague skyline. The bedrooms are situated in the comfort zone of the internal atrium of the building. Summer evenings can be spent in the gardens belonging to each maisonette while in winter you can cherish the panoramic views of Prague straight from the settee of your new flat. The location is also a plus, within walking distance of Petřín Hill and Malá Strana and close to shopping centers and offices in Anděl.