Petřiny Students Graffiti Podbaba

  • 21. 05. 2015
  • Tisková zpráva
Several days ago, a major transformation awaited passengers hurrying through an underpass below the new Prague – Podbaba train stop near Stromovka Park. A recent project aimed at optimizing the Prague Bubeneč – Prague Holešovice line, executed by a consortium led by Metrostav, the largest Czech construction company, included the building of an underpass under the new train stop for use by both local inhabitants and visitors to the Czech capital. Regrettably, the passageway immediately became the target of graffiti vandals. In an effort to prevent further damage, Metrostav and the investor, RIA, decided that young artists would be invited to adorn the space with their creations, instead of the never-ending task of painting over graffiti sprayed on the two main, approximately 15-meter long walls. Metrostav approached the Petřiny North Elementary School, which focuses on the arts, with a request for assistance. In response, from May 18 to 21, 2015, eighth grade students, under the direction of Professor Halina Suková, created a painting inspired by the nearby Troja Zoological Garden. The walls of the underpass are now graced with roaming exotic animals, flying birds of supernatural size, swimming multicolored fish, and much more. The beautiful decorations have breathed life into the cold technical outlines of the passageway. The project has been a success. Metrostav's engineers hope that the students' creation will survive the vandals' attacks, and are considering further cooperation with schools.