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Age doesn´t matter

At Metrostav we offer opportunities for everyone, irrespective of age.
We employ both complete beginners from the ranks of apprentices and students, and also people of retirement age.

Employment Opportunities

We have realised that diversity is beneficial to both individuals and teams, and consequently for the company as a whole. People over 50 are part of our company and bring to the working environment the experience, expertise, responsibility and loyalty they have acquired over the years – qualities we especially value.


We care about health and well-being at every age. We offer free influenza vaccinations, and focus on prevention, for example through vision tests and examinations for back pain. The contribution that the company pays towards supplementary pension insurance also grows with the duration of your employment at Metrostav.

We keep in touch with our seniors even after they have retired through our Metrostav Senior Club. Any employee who has finished their employment at the company by retiring or who is employed as a working pensioner can become a member.

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