Ing. Aleš Gothard

Site Manager

You’re going to Iceland on Saturday ... With those words, my career at Metrostav began.

His daughter learned Icelandic, and he had the opportunity to get to know the mentality and the building craft of several Nordic nations. He has been working on projects in Scandinavia for almost 10 years now.
In 2007, he was recommended to Metrostav by the then-supervisor of his master’s thesis. As a freshly graduated construction economist, he joined division 5, which is involved in the construction of tunnels, and soon traveled to Iceland as assistant to the site engineer or to be more exact assistant to the project economist.

The first project in Iceland was extremely demanding. We built with the Drill & Blast method, which is unusual in the Czech Republic, and we had to deal with a completely different hydrogeology. At the time construction was going on, the Icelandic economy plummeted. We could only import material from continental Europe in a complicated way. Without this project, however, we would not be where we are today.

Metrostav teams have implemented or are implementing three road tunnels in Iceland to this day. In Finland, they are involved in the construction of a large project for a metro line extension on several partial orders. In Norway, works on a third road tunnel construction project for a local contracting authority are currently under way. Together with the development of orders, Aleš’s responsibilities also grew. In Finland, he was the chief project economist and deputy project manager, the second project in Iceland was already managed by him, and he has also taken on responsibility for running a foreign organizational unit on Iceland and in Finland. Together with his colleagues, he is behind the success of Metrostav in these demanding markets.

I like being at Metrostav. I work on extraordinary projects and I have the opportunity to see how projects are done elsewhere. I appreciate our solid background and the stability and honesty that prevail in the company.

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