Filip Kalina

Planning Engineer

I wanted to dedicate myself to BIM, to use it not only in planning but also in implementation. And I was lucky, because that’s exactly what I got the opportunity to do at Metrostav.

Filip first encountered BIM when visiting the US, where this methodology is already widely used. When he then looked for an opportunity to pursue this field, his bachelors thesis supervisor offered him an internship at Metrostav. He wrote his master’s thesis on a topic he was working on during internship: adaptations and possible benefits of digitizing records in the BIM environment during implementation.

Filip became a member of a working group whose objective is to improve conditions for the development of BIM in the Czech Republic. He also takes part in conferences in Germany and Austria, where BIM is one step further. Everything is moving forward very quickly, so he is pleased to have the opportunity to be there and respond flexibly to all the new developments.

I consider the fact that Metrostav is a Czech company to be its huge advantage. We do not need to accept unnecessary internal regulations that are created somewhere overseas and make no sense at all here. I often hear from my classmates how restrictive a corporation is, but I do not see such restrictions at Metrostav.

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