Ing. Marek Kubr

Site Manager

„I went to Metrostav for my first work in a construction brigade when I was fifteen. And I still enjoy it here.“

When Marek arranged his first summer job in a construction brigade during his studies at a specialized secondary school, he hoped he would make an impression and could come again the following year. Today, he holds the position of site manager and is overseeing an extensive project as a general contractor, managing more than 30 people and developing the operation of reinforced concrete structures.

He continued with his work for Metrostav during his studies at CTU and gained experience in site preparation. After taking the state exam, he was given the position of foreman and subsequently assistant to the site engineer and then site engineer on several housing projects. He also worked on a technologically very interesting project called Sacre Coeur II, where three Metrostav divisions came together to implement the project. His team was responsible for reinforced concrete structures. The cooperation with steelworkers and the project team from division 9 ran smoothly.

He recalls his beginnings in the company with gratitude. The support he had at that time, he now gives to others – he has both students and apprentices in the team.

According to Marek, what makes Metrostav different from other construction companies?

“Metrostav is not a typical corporation. The company wants to know how its employees are doing. Even though times are far more hectic now, we still keep a family atmosphere in the teams.”

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