Ing. Šárka Konvičková

Independent OSH Technician

At Metrostav, what I appreciate the most are the people. They are smart, assertive and able to handle really complicated projects. I am proud of the fact that the buildings we build can serve many generations.

After attending a technical school for civil engineering, Šárka has worked in various fields, but she was still pulled back to the construction industry. She seized the opportunity and won the tender for OSH technician. “My manager at the time showed me the whole world of OSH from the operational risks to negotiations with state professional oversight. It was a wonderful school.

She joined Metrostav at a time when companies were beginning to implement work safety rules according to ISO standards. She prepared the company for certification according to ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008. She is pleased that the implementation of the system has had an impact not only on building safety but also on the relationship of employees to possible risks.

Our OSH technicians are doing their job with conviction. They really care about protecting people from injuries, they are not just theoreticians. We are support for construction, not a supervisory authority.

During her employment she has also finished university, graduating from the field she is engaged in. And as a woman, how does she feel among so many men?

Comfortable. Metrostav has a pleasant and straightforward environment.

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