Karolína Prouzová

Technik student

"Colleagues tell me it's worth it, even if I'm only half-time here. They invest in my time and teach me. I have the opportunity to move on, which is incredibly motivating."

Carolina was used to the guy's environment, grew up with two brothers. She liked mathematics and physics, she liked to watch shows about design, so when she decided what she wanted to do, she chose to build.

Already at the second year of university she managed to get a student place in Metrostav. She first worked in pre-production preparation and after a few months she tried to say about the practice right on the site. This is the Sacre Couer II project. And here was the real walnut for her.

"Before I started working on the building, I could not connect the theoretical part of the building with the actual construction. Practice in realization opened my eyes. I am grateful to my colleagues for showing and explaining everything. When I look at the project now, I can imagine how much real work it is and what it means to bind reinforcement in the 30° heat."

Implementation simply caught her heart. She would like to continue as a preparatory in the team after graduation. But she still has time to do it - she is happy to work for 3 days a week and her eyes are wide open.

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