PhDr. Milan Srb

Economic and Administrative Officer

“I consider Metrostav to be a traditional company that cares about values and resists short-term fashion trends. I most appreciate the decency and openness that prevail here.”

Milan is a journalist in body and soul. He has dedicated his life to writing, beginning back as a student at the Czech News Agency and subsequently working for the Hospodářské noviny newspaper. He ran his own PR agency for 10 years and, whether by accident or a result of his interest, his work repeatedly centred around construction-related topics. When he received a job offer from Metrostav at 48, he acted quickly. You are probably thinking that he took over the Metrostav newspaper, but that wasn’t the case. His first mission centred around human-resources marketing. He focused his talent on texts for job seekers, writing engaging advertisements and articles about employees’ lives. When the recruitment of new colleagues was reduced as a consequence of the economic crisis in 2009, he transferred to the external relations department where he still works today, informing the public about Metrostav’s work, and presenting information in the correct light.

“Presenting information about the construction of the Blanka tunnel was what you might call a school of hard knocks. There was a lot of distorted information circulating about this project. We had to invest a great deal of time to correct inaccuracies and refute rumours – yet also choose our words carefully to ensure we did not harm the construction investor and partner.”

Milan meets a lot of colleagues every day during his work – over these 12 years he has got to know Metrostav very well. He is also responsible for internal communication. He participated in the introduction of new communications channels – from internal news via SMS, which proved extremely useful during the floods in 2013, through to the creation of a Facebook profile.

“I am glad that I can continue to develop professionally. New technologies and social media have always interested me – we will soon be launching our presence on Instagram and Twitter, so I am looking forward to learning something new again.”

And what would Milan say to job seekers? “Don’t hesitate to apply to Metrostav even if you are no longer 20. Here they value your experience!”

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