Scholarships for apprentices

Metrostav supports crafts.

We offer a scholarship program to students in civil engineering fields of study. We offer jobs and the background of a strong and leading company to young craftsmen.

Get support during your studies and work after getting an apprenticeship!

What will you gain with Metrostav?

  • A monthly scholarship
  • A bag with professional tools 
  • All necessary working clothes and tools 
  • Hostel accommodation including breakfast and dinner covered by the company

What will your commitments be?

  • You have to attend school faithfully and meet your study obligations
  • After getting an apprenticeship, you will work at Metrostav for at least three years

Your mentor will help you throughout your studies and in the first year of your employment. If you are one of the best students, you will receive an extra reward.

When you finish school, you will have a job and a regular wage at Metrostav. We will sign an employment agreement with you for an indefinite period of time. At Metrostav, you will be able to take advantage of a rich array of professional training, and you can also get extra licenses such as a welding license, engineering license and more.

Do you want to know more?

Zuzana Junková is the coordinator of the whole project. She would be pleased to give you advice. Do not hesitate to contact her.

Zuzana Junková
+420 602 439 536

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