Why is Metrostav a unique employer?

We are among the top in the field. We are able to implement large, complex and technologically unique projects as well as smaller projects in the regions. We make sure that our craft is passed on from generation to generation.

We value good work and can appreciate it. We support personal professional development. We constantly strive to create a friendly and inspiring work environment. The basis for our success is shared company values of professionalism, credibility and stability.

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Job offers

If you have not found a suitable position, but you are still interested in working with us, you can submit your contact information to our database. If there are positions that match your requirements and qualifications, we will be in touch with you.

Company benefits in Metrostav

Beyond an adequate and stable income, we provide our employees with a number of benefits:

More free time

  • After good work, there is time for well-deserved rest. Expect an extra week of holiday.

Extra help

  • We will help you in case of an unexpected event that intervenes in your life. Whether it is a flood, an injury or a serious illness. For nearly 20 years, we have maintained a special fund for these purposes.
  • In the event of a new member in your family, we will provide a financial contribution of CZK 10,000.
  • We can also help you by giving advice, for example, regarding the care of an aging grandparent or in tax consultancy.

Accommodation and travel

  • If you work in Prague during the week and you do not want to buy your own housing here, you can use our hostel. It is proven and affordable.
  • It is a matter of course for us to provide you with quality, safe and clean accommodation located near the projects you have been sent to.
  • All our company cars are regularly checked and serviced.

Benefits and discounts

  • As a Metrostav employee, you can take advantage of many discounted services and discounts, whether from subsidiaries or external partners. For example, tire services, rental of construction machinery, discounts on construction material, Škoda cars or your holiday.

Health comes first

  • We offer free flu vaccination right at the workplace. If you still get ill, we provide two days of paid sick leave.
  • We have a top partner for occupational medicine. Are you going to be working at heights? Then we insist on a positive assessment from our doctor.
  • We pay attention to health prevention. We organize health days for you, regarding eye care, back pain prevention, etc.

Eating and recreation

  • We have a good-quality and fast canteen.
  • You will receive sport, culture and recreation vouchers from us.

Bonuses and insurance

  • The company contribution to your supplementary pension insurance grows with the length of your employment relationship with Metrostav.
  • On work anniversaries you will be pleased with the loyalty bonuses through which we show how much we appreciate your loyalty.
  • For work under difficult conditions, we provide more than the law requires. For an overview of all bonuses, please see the collective agreement.


Do you know that the Training Center of Metrostav Group registered over 8,200 employee participations in internal training courses in 2016, thus on average almost three courses per employee per year?

  • Professional training

    We offer over 30 different professional training programs and conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

    For example: Geotechnics, Check Procedures and Measurements, Basics of Construction Physics, Building Equipment, Piles Quality, Improvement of Foundation Soil, Inadequacies in Design Documents, Impacts of the Public Procurement Act.

  • Management and personality development

    When developing soft skills, the best guides will be there for you – we carefully select our tutors and coaches.

    For example: Negotiation, Economic Basics of Project Management, Start Management Package, Team Management, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Subordinate Assessment, Self-management, Group and Individual Coaching.

  • Courses given by law

    We pay special attention to compulsory courses. Good training is the basis for successful injury prevention.

    For example: Forklifts, Binder, Woodworking machines, Profi Driver (ČESMAD), Construction machinery, Electrician.

  • Language education

    Thanks to corporate language education, our employees have already received over 600 language certificates.

    For example: Support for individual lessons and open courses at the company headquarters. Prior to going abroad for a foreign project, employees undergo intensive language training. University graduates can receive a bonus of up to CZK 25,000 for submission of a certificate.

Life in Metrostav

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