Refurbishment of the National Museum

Commercial construction

General Refurbishment of Interior and Exterior of National Museum and Connection of Historical and New Buildings by Underground Corridor

Basic information

Project Investor:

Národní muzeum

Project Designer:


Project Duration:

04/2015 – 06/2019

Autorka fotografie: Ester Havlová


Aims of refurbishment of current building of the National Museum:

  • Extend the life of the heritage building for future generations;
  • Renew the original functions in full;
  • Improve its use and technical facilities;
  • Extend the useful value of the internal space (yards, SCH)

The Project in Numbers

  • 6,055 m2built-up area (excluding area of yards)
  • 103.22 mlength of building
  • 74.1 mwidth of building
  • 69.15 mheight of building (5 m more than Petřín Lookout Tower)
  • 338steps from the foot of the fountain to the lantern in the main tower
  • 368doors
  • 562windows
  • 235rooms
  • 7,000 m239 exhibition halls
  • 120 m3quantity of water that flows through the fountain every day
  • 4,000 kgweight of whale skeleton
  • 1,300 kmnew cables

Exceptional Nature of Project

The first general refurbishment of this building of supreme national importance after more than 120 years. There was a huge number of paintings, statues and decorative elements in the interior and on the exterior that had to be sensitively and carefully handled. Systems for new technologies were installed in the building and enable new methods of presentation of exhibits or help reduce the costs of operation, making the building more environmentally-friendly. An underground corridor was newly built connecting the historical and new buildings of the National Museum, which enables visitors to move between them “without getting their feet wet” and also expands the space for exhibitions.

(Photo by Ester Havlová)