Stulecia Niepodległości Double-leaf Bascule Bridge

Roads and Bridges
Sobieszewo – Poland

The construction of a five-field bridge structure over the River Martwa Wisla 

Basic information

Project Investor:

Gmina Miasta Gdańsk

Project Designer:


Project Duration:

09/2016 – 04/2019

The Project in Numbers

  • 173.0 m Length of bridge
  • 2 x 29.75 m Span of opening part
  • 10 m Height of bridge
  • 50 m Width of navigation space
  • 5.0 m Height of navigation space over central water value
  • 20–24 m Length of pilots for bridge foundations


The construction of a five-field bridge structure over the River Martwa Wisla in the Sobieszewo district of Gdansk, Poland, including the fittings for the bridge, its controls and adjacent roads. The new bridge replaces a temporary ponton bridge whose carrying capacity was not suitable and that was subsequently demolished. Thanks to the raiseable steel leaves in the middle of the river, the new bridge enables the passage of boats without limitation up to a height of 5 m, which means that the Martwa Visla can be used as a category Vb international waterway. 

Exceptional Nature of Project

In many respects it is a unique structure that does not currently have a parallel in Poland or the Czech Republic. The course of work that the builders performed on the water was complicated by the weather, relations with the investor, problems with the project and, to a significant extent, the collapse of partners in the original contractor grouping. Metrostav therefore arranged the construction of the whole complicated bridge itself, including the hydraulics, its management and the special system for adjustment that ensures the closed bridge leaves are positioned precisely.