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Code of Ethics and Ethical Line

The Metrostav Group Code of Ethics is a binding document that outlines the moral principles of the Metrostav Group. It sets out the guidelines of conduct for the Group’s companies, its employees and associates.

The Metrostav Group is a business group of legal entities operating in the construction industry according to Section 79 of Act No. 90/2012 on Business Corporations and Cooperatives.


Moral Principles of the Metrostav Group


We ensure full compliance with all applicable laws of the Czech Republic and the countries in which we operate or intend to operate.

We continuously monitor and respond to legislation and ethical standards of the countries in which we operate or intend to operate. We respect relevant laws and rules and prevent any inappropriate procedures.

Credibility, expertise and stability are our shared, core values.

We constantly seek to create a safe, creative and stable work environment. We always act professionally and with high-level standards. Both inside and outside the company, we build relationships based on trust. We cooperate with natural persons and legal entities that are qualified and trustworthy. We charge our prices for economic transactions fairly. We provide reliable data on our economic activities. We pay taxes, social security, health insurance and other mandatory payments duly and in due time.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal but never at the cost of violating ethical or legal regulations.

We tolerate no corruption, bribery or unfair competition. We provide and accept no direct or indirect payments and rewards that could violate laws or ethical standards. We cooperate only with those who show no apparent or real conflict of interests, and whose funds come from legitimate sources. We pay attention to information security and data protection.

We are aware of our social responsibility towards citizens of the countries, regions, cities and municipalities where we operate or intend to operate.

We seek to minimize negative impacts of our construction and business activities on the environment and communities. We respect the needs and interests of natural persons and legal entities outside the Metrostav Group. We respect the legacy of previous generations and act responsibly towards future generations.

We respect the rights and duties of all our associates. We allow no discriminatory behaviour.

We guarantee equal opportunities to all regardless of their gender, skin colour, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or other distinct characteristics. We allow no harassment or discrimination. We behave in friendly and respectful manners, especially towards the handicapped, seriously ill, seniors and families with children. In accordance with the law, we respect the employees´ right to establish or join a union.

We allow no conflict between personal interests and the interests of the Metrostav Group. We protect movable, immovable and intellectual property like it is our own.

We protect and carefully maintain movable, immovable and intellectual property as well as trade secrets of the Metrostav Group companies. Work decisions are taken impartially without undue influence by individual, family or friendly interests.

We tolerate no violation of the moral principles in the Metrostav Group.

It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics. In every case of the Code of Ethics´ violation, the employee shall be notified of his or her unacceptable behaviour. At the same time, the employee´s supervisor, director or the director of the Metrostav Group Internal Audit Department shall be informed too. Retaliation from others against anyone, who reports what s/he suspects to be illegal or unethical activities, is unacceptable.

Ethical Line

Should you observe any unethical or illegal conduct incompatible with the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics, you are encouraged to report your concerns using our Ethical Line. The management and operation of the Ethical Line is under the patronage of Mr. František Kočí – the President of the Metrostav Group.

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