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Metrostav was a winner of the Czech Republic National Award for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in 2017. The award demonstrates that Metrostav has been paying extra attention in the long run to activities in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Metrostav is a founding member of the Business for Society.

Our Priorities in the Area of Social Responsibility

Metrostav has identified six main priorities for corporate social responsibility. These priorities are based on areas where the company’s activities have significant environmental, social and economic impacts on the environment.

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Transparent Business

Metrostav is one of the most important economic entities in the Czech Republic and recognizes its commitment to responsible behaviour. The company is aware of its benefits and impacts as an entity influencing the market environment, and of its importance as an employer, hence a bearer of patterns of behaviour also in ethical aspects.
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Innovations in the Construction Industry

The effort of the company is to make a significant contribution to a better environment in the construction sector, thanks to innovative products and solutions that create added value and contribute to friendly and quality construction.
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Our Employees

Metrostav regards employee care as an essential part of its sustainable development. The quality of the employees’ working conditions is demonstrated by the company’s repeated fulfillment of the requirements of the international standard SA 8000 and the commitments of the collective agreement.
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Safety on Structures

One of the most important priorities is to ensure that anyone working or otherwise operating on Metrostav’s structures or operations has the conditions for safe work. The company is committed to the high quality of construction while ensuring maximum safety and health at work.
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Environmental Protection

With its consistency, Metrostav demonstrates not only the fulfillment of all obligations arising from the legislation of the Czech Republic for protecting the environment, but also its ability to meet global requirements in this area.
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Corporate Citizenship

Metrostav and its employees are aware of their responsibilities to the regions where they operate and to the people who live here. We have committed to being a good and responsible neighbour, sensitive to the needs of our neighbourhood. Therefore, the company has supported a number of educational, health and other non-profit organizations and their projects in the long run.
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