Code of Ethics and Ethical Line

The code of ethics of the company is identical to the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics. The Metrostav Group Code of Ethics is a binding document that expresses the moral principles of the Metrostav Group. It sets out the rules of conduct and behaviour for the Group’s companies, its employees and associates.

The Metrostav Group is a business group of legal entities (a group) operating in the field of construction industry in the sense of § 79 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll. It consists of a control person of Metrostav a.s. and others managed by this person, as described on

Moral Principles of the Metrostav Group

  1. We always ensure compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic and the countries in which we operate or intend to operate.

    We are constantly monitoring and in practice responding to the legal order and ethical standards of the countries in which we operate or intend to operate. We not only respect the relevant laws and rules, but we favour the avoidance of suspicion of any inappropriateness.

  2. Trustworthiness, professionalism and stability are our core shared values.

    We are constantly striving to create a safe, creative and stable work environment. We always act professionally and with the highest professional care. Both inside and outside the company, we build relationships based on trust. We cooperate with natural persons and legal entities who are qualified and trustworthy. We charge all economic transactions properly. We provide truthful economic data. We pay taxes and make payments on social security, health insurance and other mandatory payments fairly and on time.

  3. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, but never at the cost of violating ethical or legal standards.

    We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition. We neither directly nor indirectly provide or accept any payments or other rewards that should lead to violations of laws or ethical rules. We only cooperate with people who have no apparent or real conflict of interest, and the financial resources at their disposal come from legitimate sources. We take care to ensure information security and data protection.

  4. We are aware of our social responsibility towards citizens of countries, regions, cities and municipalities where we operate or intend to operate.

    We strive to minimize the negative impacts of our construction and business activities on the environment and the communities concerned. We respect the needs and interests of natural persons and legal entities outside the Metrostav Group. We respect the legacy of previous generations and behave responsibly towards future generations.

  5. We respect the rights and duties of all our associates. We do not allow any discriminatory behaviour or conduct.

    We guarantee equal opportunities to people regardless of gender, skin colour, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or other distinct characteristics. We do not allow harassment or discrimination. We behave in a friendly and respectful way, especially towards the handicapped, seriously ill, seniors and families with children. In accordance with the law, we recognize the rights of employees to create or join unions.

  6. Personal interests never clash with Metrostav Group interests. We protect movable, immovable property and intellectual property as our own.

    We protect and carefully maintain the movable property, immovable property, intellectual property and business secrets of the Metrostav Group companies. No work decisions are allowed to be influenced by individual, family or friendly interests.

  7. We do not tolerate failure to observe the moral principles of the Metrostav Group.

    To honour and obey the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics is the responsibility of every Group employee. Should there be any indication that the Code has been violated, we warn the relevant employee of the unacceptability of his or her behaviour. We also inform the supervisor or the relevant director or director of the Metrostav Group Internal Audit Department. Retaliatory actions against anyone who has pointed out violations of the Code of Ethics or helped to reveal it are unacceptable.

Ethical Line

Via an ethical line, you can report an improper, unethical or unlawful behaviour in conflict with the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics. The management and operation of the Ethical Line is under the patronage of Mr. Jiří Bělohlav – the President of the Metrostav Group.