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Ing. Vojtěch Kostiha, MBA Spokesperson of the Metrostav Group

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12. 07. 2017Annual report

Annual report 2016

Recapitulation of 2016 by an annual report. Read more

24. 05. 2016Annual report

Annual report 2015

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26. 01. 2016Press release

Metrostav to Support Handy Cyklo Maraton as General Partner

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09. 10. 2015Press release

Metrostav Signs Contract to Build S7 Expressway in Poland

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24. 09. 2015Press release

Warsaw Praises Metrostav Construction Workers

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13. 07. 2015Press release

Ernst & Young Audits Metrostav

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06. 07. 2015News

The Czech Transportation Structure competition has a winner

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30. 06. 2015Press release

Metrostav Takes Part in Building Czech Silicon Valley

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17. 06. 2015Press release

Victoria Bores First Kilometer

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23. 05. 2015Annual report

Annual report 2014

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21. 05. 2015Press release

Petřiny Students Graffiti Podbaba

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07. 05. 2015Press release

Results of General Meeting of Metrostav a.s.

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