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Concrete and Asphalt Roadways

We provide the laying of concrete and asphalt mixtures for road reconstruction and construction by experts with extensive experience in the transport construction sector. Our solid base consists not only of specialized staff, but also of our own specialized machinery and technological means.

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Technology of laying concrete roadways

In addition to laying cement concrete covers for motorways, roads and cycle paths, we focus on a wide range of other construction and related services, including:

  • Airport runways and aprons

  • Parking, handling areas

  • Monolithic concrete drainage profiles

  • Monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete barriers

  • Installation and replacement of steel guardrails

  • Base layers

  • Machine grinding of cement concrete covers and cutting of expansion joints

  • Production and delivery of concrete mixtures

  • Installation of noise barriers

We use a comprehensive set of machines including modern Wirtgen and Guntert & Zimmerman finishers.

We own mobile concrete plants for the production of structural and pavement concretes and mixtures with hydraulic binders. The SBM Euromix 3000 supermobile concrete batching plant with an average production capacity of up to 250 m3/h enables continuous and batch mixing. Its fast commissioning ensures efficient and flexible use during construction.

Asphalt roadway technology

The main activity is the laying of asphalt mixtures during the reconstruction and construction of roads. We rely on expert technicians and experienced workers with extensive experience in the transport construction sector to carry out these works. The basis for the high quality of the work carried out is the state-of-the-art machinery, led by Vögele finishers and  Bomag and Hamm tandem rollers. Asphalt mix paving mainly covers motorway and road surfaces, but focuses on a wide range of work and services including:

  • Local roads and pavements

  • Car parks, industrial areas, sports grounds and forest tracks

  • Drains, culverts

  • Road milling, cold and hot recycling

  • Machine laying of base layers


For the technology of concrete roadways we use

For the technology of concrete roadways we use

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