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Building Information Management (BIM)

The construction industry, like other industries, is facing the challenges of digitalisation. As a leading construction company, Metrostav invests considerable resources not only in machinery, but also in modern information technologies, which include BIM (Building Information Management). 

BIM technology is based on the well-known 3D modelling, which is already widely used across professions for their coordination in the early stages of project preparation. For production preparation and management, using the additional capabilities of the BIM environment is a way to increase the efficiency of standard implementation processes. This is mainly the issue of time management of contracts (4D) and the related creation of statements of work with monitoring of cost indicators (5D). Last but not least, the digitalization of processes related to quality control and delivery of the completed work, which can ensure a higher quality of information about the completed construction for its subsequent operation and maintenance (6D).

For a construction company, linking the BIM model information to the preparation and implementation is crucial. By using the necessary information in real-time and linking the participants online, it is possible to increase efficiency in data processing, implementation and at the same time ensure a higher quality of work implementation.


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