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Students and Graduates

Gain practical experience in a company that works on technically complex and unique projects.

At Metrostav you can learn from the best. We work with young talents, whether students or graduates right after leaving school.

Employment Opportunities

If you have not found a suitable position for you, but are still interested in working with us, you can submit your contact information to our database. As soon as we find a position that matches your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you.


Students are offered

  • Full professional experience.

  • Regular employment with all its benefits.

  • Working hours according to mutual agreement, most often for 2–3 days a week.

  • Consultation on a master’s degree or bachelor thesis and its focus on a specific topic within the activities of Metrostav.

Graduates are offered

  • Work on projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • Space for creativity and technical innovation.

  • A personal patron and individual adaptation plan.

  • Opportunity for professional growth. Most of the members of top management started at Metrostav as graduates.

Past Events and Activities

Events we prepared in the past for schools and their students.

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