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Bridge construction technology includes the construction of motorway, road and railway bridges. We offer comprehensive services in a number of areas including the concreting of monolithic concrete structures, the construction of steel-concrete bridges and the manufacture and assembly of steel bridge structures. We have the material for the construction of support structures and trusses. The technology also includes the provision of temporary bridges.


Bridge Technology

  • Concreting on solid trusses

  • Concrete placement on extendible trusses

  • Extending

  • Shallow concrete pouring

  • Installation of prefabricated bridges

  • Construction of arch bridges

  • Assembly and manufacture of steel bridges

  • Construction of suspended and hanging structures

Examples of Technological Equipment for the Construction of Concrete Bridges

  • Peiniger RoRo sliding truss

  • ŽM-16M sliding truss

  • PERI Concrete Trolley

  • DOKA ledge trolley

  • MECCANO system formwork

  • MANTO system frame formwork

Heavy and Oversized Loads

  • Elevations and penetrations of bridge structures

  • Lifting bridge structures during reconstruction

  • Synchronous lifting and handling

Temporary Bridges and Structures

  • Road

  • Rail

  • For combined operation


This Technology Has Been Successfully Used in the Following Projects

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