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Footbridge across the Elbe River in Čelákovice

Roads and Bridges

This footbridge is a unique structure both in terms of its length and the use of newly developed material for its deck.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Město Čelákovice

Project Designer:

Pontex, spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

08/2012 – 03/2014

Footbridge across the Elbe River in Čelákovice

Project in numbers

  • 156 m
    Span of the main field of the footbridge of a total length of 242 m
  • 37 m
    The height of steel pylons in the shape of a letter A
    Material of the footbridge - ultra-high-performance concrete of a strength of 150 MPa with steel fibre reinforcement


The suspended three-span structure of the footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists is unique in the length of its main span of 156 m, which is a record for suspended structures in the Czech Republic. It is also unique in the material of a pre-tensioned deck made of ultra high performance concrete. This has made it possible to lighten the bearing structure and, at the same time, this innovative material is characterized by an extraordinary resistance to the effects of the environment, ensuring a long service life for the footbridge with minimal maintenance.

Exceptionality of the structure

This is the first bearing structure in the Czech Republic where UHPC (ultra-high-performance concrete) was used. The footbridge has gained a number of awards, including internationally, among which the most prestigious is first place in the ACI Excellence Award competition of an American concrete company in the infrastructure category in 2015.


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