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Adéla Dlouhá

Student Technician

"What do I appreciate the most about Metrostav? The varied nature of structures the company builds and the positions it offers. Being able to try out different tasks and find out what I really enjoy doing. The readiness of colleagues to help and share their experience. The friendly, accommodating attitude with which they accepted me as part of the team."

Already when attending elementary school, Adéla liked math and geometry. In sixth grade, she was one of the few who knew what she wanted to do in the future – study civil engineering. Which she went on to do. Her choice of university was clear. She selected civil engineering at the Czech Technical University, later opting for a major in the planning, execution, and operation of construction projects. While enrolled, she considered an internship and took advantage of Metrostav's offer, joining the firm's Division 8 in her second year. 

"On the job, I can see how things are done in the real world, which helps me in my studies. You see everything in a completely different light, which goes for the technology itself, construction methods, workers' abilities, and the time work tasks take to complete." 

She appreciates the time flexibility and the fact that her colleagues are happy to give advice and understand that she occasionally needs to take a day off to study for exams. They too started when they were still studying and remember how difficult it was to work at the same time. 

"Nearly everything you do and see is for the first time. Luckily, there are people who are happy to help, demonstrate, explain, and share their knowledge. I am forever grateful to them for that." 

In her free time, Adéla likes sports. She plays competition floorball. Time permitting, she hikes through the mountains and gets together with family and friends. Her goal is to successfully complete the program and gain as much worksite experience as possible to put into use during future construction projects.


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