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Ing. Dana Klaudová

Construction Site Manager

"It makes me happy to see that all of us are progressing as a team toward a mutually shared goal. I'm truly grateful to be able to go to work every day, not because I have to, but because that's what I want to do."

Dana joined Metrostav in 2013 as an assistant to the Construction Site Manager for the project "Pasohlávky Thermal Resort – Technical and Transport Infrastructure". Apart from working in the office, Dana's coworkers brought her along on daily construction site inspections. Thanks to that, she was able to get a taste of actual construction work. Over time, Dana continued working on various projects as a bid manager, but she was drawn away from the office.  Dana wanted to be part of the hustle and bustle on the construction site, to deal with the various issues encountered there. That's what she enjoys and what she finds fulfilling. Hence, when she was presented with the opportunity to work as a construction site manager, she did not hesitate for a second.

 "My present position is Construction Site Manager. All aspects of my work are rewarding, namely being part of the building process from the very beginning, from the time construction gets under way, throughout the execution stage, until the structure is finished and delivered to the client." 

Individual projects allow Dana to keep growing. She learns new things during every new construction job, reviews her newly acquired knowledge upon completion, evaluates the outcome, learns from any mistakes that might have been made, and uses the experience thus gained and the expertise in her work on the next project. Even though this cycle keeps repeating unchanged, every project surprises her with something new. 

"What I value the most at work are my colleagues and everyone who takes part in the projects we execute. I hope that the environment around me will continue to be as inspiring as it has been thus far and that I'll have the opportunity to be part of projects involving the kind of interesting structures that Metrostav builds."


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