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Ing. Filip Kalina

Head of the Digitization of Construction Processes

"My ambition was to specialize in BIM* and to use it not only in the design process, but in actual construction as well. I was lucky, because this is precisely what Metrostav has given me the opportunity to do."

Filip encountered BIM for the first time during a visit to the USA, where this technology was already widely used. While looking for opportunities to pursue his interest in BIM, Filip's thesis supervisor offered him an internship at Metrostav.

During his thesis studies, Filip tackled a topic on which he worked on the job, specifically the adaptation and benefits of digitizing records using BIM during the construction process.

After earning a Master's degree at the Czech Technical University, Filip joined Metrostav on a full-time basis. Soon, he became a member of a working party tasked with improving the conditions for BIM deployment in the Czech Republic. Filip has attended conferences in Austria and Germany, where BIM use is a step ahead of others. Considering the fast pace of technological development, he is happy to be in the thick of the current goings-on to be able to flexibly respond to every new innovation.

Filip is presently the Head of the Digitization of Construction Processes at Metrostav's head office. He manages a small team that supports the BIM technology throughout the company to provide Metrostav with all of the means, tools, and know-how needed for planning, pricing, and executing contracts using construction models. His responsibilities include overseeing the digitization of Metrostav's internal processes.

In addition, Filip is working on several projects executed with the use of BIM technology. One of these jobs consists of a novel way of using BIM during the remodeling of Hotel InterContinental in downtown Prague.

"In my view, Metrostav's most important advantage is the fact that it is a Czech company. We don't have to adopt unnecessary internal regulations drafted in some far away overseas location, which make no sense locally. I often hear my colleagues and former university classmates complain how the corporate world is restrictive, but I see no such restrictions here at Metrostav." 


* Explanatory notes: BIM refers to Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management. BIM is a digital model representing the physical and functional characteristics of structures. The model serves as a database of information that facilitates the design, construction, and operation of structures throughout their lifecycle, from their earliest conception all the way to demolition. (Source: Wikipedia)


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