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Ing. Lukáš Březina

Project Manager

"I like working in an industrious environment. At the same time, I find it fulfilling to look back and see that I've been part of building something of lasting value. There are few lines of work as satisfying as construction in this regard."


Throughout his life, Lukáš has had a passion to build and create. Having joined Metrostav in 2006, he started out as a planning assistant during the Dům u Zlatého Anděla Project on Celetná Street in Prague. Subsequently, he was assigned to the CITY TOWER reconstruction and enlargement in the Pankrác District in Prague. That venture convinced him to stay on with Metrostav. "In my eyes, Metrostav is the only company capable of executing such an extensive contract with so much aplomb."


Another great experience Lukáš has gained was his assignment to the construction of the Sacre Coeur II Residence. Owing to its exceptional location above the Strahov Tunnel, this residential complex is a unique achievement among Czech housing development ventures. “This project has produced a team of extremely hardworking individuals who will make Metrostav prosper for years to come. I consider that to be the biggest reward for our joint efforts. Later, all of us together managed to complete the third stage of this project and, at the same time, to build the foundations for the NoeGRAF venture.”


Lukáš is currently the project manager responsible for overseeing the team executing the TOP Rezidence Na Pomezí project in Prague's Košíře District. "Here, I can put into use what I've learned from my colleagues who guided me in the past and taught me how to do this demanding work." Thanks to the responsibility assigned to him, Lukáš has learned to make independent decisions and to coordinate individual sub-processes. "Without their support, I could not become a project manager at such a relatively young age."

"In our line of work, success means to be always prepared and to expect trouble. As recently as 10 years ago, the biggest portion of Czech GDP was generated by the construction industry. Today, I encounter disrespect for the entire sector, while nobody from the outside can imagine the amount of work, time, and attention needed to complete a construction project. My dream is that the day will come when construction workers are respected once again, and that the structures we build will be prosperous and serve people well."


Lukáš spends his free time raising his children, as he considers family the main purpose of life.


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