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Metrostav to Support Handy Cyklo Maraton as General Partner

25. 1. 2016
Press release
Metrostav to Support Handy Cyklo Maraton as General Partner This year, the Handy Cyklo Maraton, a unique project involving the longest cycling marathon in Central Europe, will bear Metrostav's name. A general partnership agreement for the year 2016 was signed in recent days by President of the Metrostav Group Jiří Bělohlav and Heřman Volf, Chairman of the nonprofit organization Journey to the Dream (Cesta za snem). The main purpose of the agreement is to provide support for the cycling event, which will begin at the Prague Castle on 2 August 2016 and will subsequently pass through all 14 of the Czech Republic's regions. The race will take athletes as far as the Bratislava Castle in Slovakia, where they will turn around and head back to Prague. "At the Metrostav Group, we subscribe to the concept of equal opportunity for everyone. We regard every person as having an equal value," says Metrostav Group President Jiří Bělohlav. "Metrostav Handy Cyklo Maraton is another proof testifying to that. I wish all participants good luck in their endeavors, and I look forward to the excitement of watching the whereabouts and standing of the Metrostav Team." Conceived by the handicapped athlete Heřman Volf, the first season of the Handy Cyklo Maraton was held in 2013. It is a fundraising cycling event for mixed teams composed of healthy and handicapped cyclists. Teams must complete the 2,222 km long journey on a relay basis within the time limit of 111 hours. The race goes on nonstop, day and night, and lasts four to five days. In 2015, the event was attended by more than 30 teams with nearly 250 cyclists. Team members are both healthy and handicapped cyclists. "Participants include wheelchair-bound persons, amputees, visually impaired individuals on tandem bicycles, cyclists with hearing disability, and people suffering from cerebral palsy. We want to show that healthy and handicapped individuals can work together within a team and that their cooperation is, in fact, nothing complicated. All one needs is wanting to do it, putting a team together, and setting out. The race provides a great opportunity for integrating people into society through doing sports, having fun, and enjoying new experiences together. Winning is not the point, even though the participants do compete. Much more important is spreading the idea that we're in it all together," says Heřman Volf, the director of the event who takes part in the race with a team of friends every year. The Metrostav Group, led by Metrostav, a.s., is currently the largest construction enterprise in the Czech Republic. Metrostav employees raced in the Handy Cyklo Maraton already in 2015. Long-term emphasis on corporate social responsibility has prompted Metrostav to become the general partner to this year's edition of the event. A founding member of the platform Business for Society, Metrostav has received numerous awards for helping the needy. Volf and his associates are happy about the partnership with Metrostav. "It is an honor for us to have the support of such a strong partner. We're also very happy that it is a Czech company with a long history and tradition. We were very pleasantly surprised by the attitude of Metrostav's President Bělohlav and the entire top management. Since the first meeting, we have sensed a resolve to get involved in the marathon project and to seek new ways of advancing the race to a higher level. We also feel that Metrostav regards us with respect as an equal partner, which gives us strength and motivates us to perform at our very best," concludes Volf.

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