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VIVUS Uhříněves residential complex

Residential construction

Construction of 13 apartment buildings with 828 apartment units.


Basic information

Project Investor:

Vivus Uhříněves s.r.o.

Project Designer:

di5 architekti inženýři, s.r.o.

Project Duration:

09/2018 – 08/2020

VIVUS Uhříněves residential complex


The buildings have five or six above-ground floors. Most of them have an underground floor, where there are parking spaces and cellars. The houses are based on piles, the 1st underground and 1st above-ground floors consist of reinforced concrete monolithic structures, while the 2nd to 5th/6th floors have brick walls and partitions and monolithic ceilings.

The Project in Numbers

  • 13
    Apartment buildings
  • 828
    Apartment units
  • 13 460 m2
    Built-up area
  • 266 604 m2
    Enclosed space
  • 67 582 m2
    Usable floor area

Exceptional Nature of Project

The implementation included the construction of roads, including a cycle path, utilities, landscaping and water features.


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