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714 Stokkhaugen - Sundan, part: Åstfjordkryssinga, Norway

Roads and Bridges

The completion of the last section of the Fv.714 Stokkhaugen - Sundan road provided for a significantly safer and more comfortable connection between the important fishing areas of Hitra and Frøyaa, which now forms a part of the Norway's backbone road network.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Statens vegvesen

Project Designer:

Statens vegvesen

Project Duration:

01/2018 – 10/2020

714 Stokkhaugen - Sundan, part: Åstfjordkryssinga, Norway


This is part of a set of measures for improving the capacity and safety on the Fv.714 road, which connects the mainland Norway with the island of Hitra. The project includes a road section of a total length of 5.6 km, including a bridge over Åstfjord of a length of 735 m and 2 tunnels with profile T9.5 - Slørdal (2,650 m), Mjønes (770 m), as well as connections to local roads and bus stops with car parks. The project included a complete delivery, including electrical installations. Metrostav was responsible for the rough construction of the bridge, including foundation, reinforced concrete and steel structures of the bridge and tunneling, including the construction of both tunnels and the construction of the reinforced concrete portals.

The Project in Numbers

  • 5,6 km
    Length of the section
  • 2 650 + 770 m
    Lenght of both tunnels
  • 735 m
    Lenght of the bridge
  • 80 m2
    Tunnel profile T9,5
  • 13 500 ks
  • 17 840 m3
    Concrete for individual structures
  • 2 785 t
  • 2 660 t
    Steel structure
  • 1 640 m, 210 m
    Posts, micro-posts

Exceptional Nature of Project

A unique combination of a pair of tunnels and a 735 m long eight-pole bridge over Åstfjord. The construction of the bridge involved, among other things, a unique foundation using reinforced concrete wells with a diameter of 18.4 m and a weight of 2,200 tons on the seabed, concreting of piers up to 40 m above the sea level and setting of a steel structure using a ship's crane.


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