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Relocation of sewer system beneath Waltrovka


The original main sewer line had to be relocated, a new one built, and side sewer systems connected to it one after the other so as to facilitate the construction of the Nová Waltrovka office and residential complex in Prague 5. 

Basic information

Project Investor:

Investiční Delta, a.s.

Project Designer:

Atelier PROMIKA s.r.o., PPU spol. s r.o., Agile Consulting Engineers

Project Duration:

09/2020 – 06/2021

Relocation of sewer system beneath Waltrovka


The original sewer system was relocated away from the future development to the places that will house roads, pathways, and a park. In contrast to the old line, the new one was dug deeper in order to connect sewage connections from the complex under construction. Some of the work during construction was carried out by “mining” as a result of laying at great depth. The contract also encompassed the reconstruction of the discharge shaft and the construction of several spillway channels and brick connecting chambers.

The project in figures

  • 541 m
    Length of the new main line
  • 85 m
    Length of the tunnelled part
  • 11 m
    Depth of laying the tunnelled shaft

An exceptional piece of construction

Relocation work was carried out during the winter while the on-site sewer system was in full operation, requiring the construction of several by-passes. Tunnelling was carried out manually using picks on account of the small profile. Reinforced concrete piping material with basalt lining and modern polymer concrete material were used for the sewer system. The line was bricked using basalt and sewer bricks in the curves where the profile of the line changed from circular to oval. A variety of underground structures and lines that were found unexpectedly, not having appeared in the project documentation, proved to be an obstacle to construction work.


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