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Get Financial Support while Learning

Do you want a stable job, decent wages, and many attractive fringe benefits? Are you attracted by modern technologies, large construction projects involving outstanding engineering feats, and you want to keep learning new things? Join our apprenticeship program and discover what it's like to work with a TOP employer. Learn from the best in the field!

You can earn between CZK 46,000 and CZK 120,000 while learning.

On top of that, you can make more money while undergoing hands-on training on our construction sites.

Zuzana Junková
Apprenticeship Program
Telephone: +420 266 019 553, +420 602 439 536


Apprenticeship Benefits

What can you get while learning?

Monthly stipend ranging from CZK 1,500 to CZK 1,900, depending on the field and year of study. A CZK 2,000 one-time sign-on allowance paid together with the first stipend. A case with high-quality heavy-duty tools worth CZK 2,500. A complete set of work clothes and personal protective equipment worth as much as CZK 8,200. Paid student residence, including breakfast and dinner. Opportunity to receive CZK 46,000 to CZK 120,000 while studying. Opportunity to earn more money while undergoing hands-on training on our construction sites.

What do we offer after you complete an apprenticeship?

An open-ended employment agreement. The security of solid earnings with meticulously paid social and medical insurance contributions.

Broad selection of specialized training programs that allow obtaining welder, machinist, and other certifications.

A wide range of fringe benefits.

What are the requirements?

You have to duly attend classes and fulfill your school duties. After your apprenticeship, you have to stay employed with Metrostav for at least three years.

Apprenticeship Program Testimonials



From a handrail to a bridge and everything in between

Metalworkers are skilled in manual and machine processes involving both metal and non-metal materials used in making complicated mechanical components and steel structures. They are familiar with the basics of machining, welding, and assembly work. Metalworkers are needed during all construction projects. Some become experts in manufacturing large steel structures for bridges, load-bearing building frames, and energy projects executed by Metrostav's specialized divisions.



Formwork and beyond

Carpenters perform a wide range of manual and machine woodworking processes, including planning and material calculations. The work they perform includes joining and assembling wooden structures, including simple metalworking and roofing tasks, and installing formwork for concrete and reinforced concrete applications. At Metrostav, carpenters work on a broad variety of construction projects where reinforced concrete is used, such as bridges and tunnels. Likewise, they work in the Carpentry Center.



From digger to TBM and everything in between

Machinists are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and identification and repair of defects of construction machinery and equipment used at surface construction sites. Machinists also work on underground projects, provided that they are over 21 years of age and pass a health check. Their skills are indispensable during projects involving transport infrastructure, including subways. Some machinists are part of teams that execute Metrostav's international projects.


Work around the sweet aroma of wood

Joiners manufacture and assemble wooden structures needed in construction work, perform restorations, assemble wooden structures, configure and operate woodworking machinery, and manually work with wood. Their skills are used in the restoration shop and in the manufacture and installation of wooden structures used during construction projects.


Residential and municipal plumbing

Plumbers work with materials used in residential hot and cold water plumbing, drains, heating systems, and gas piping. They connect these materials using various technologies, such as welding, soldering, pressing, threaded joints, and other modern methods. They follow design documents in installing and insulating piping, and they install washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, shower stalls, faucets, boilers, and various other devices and fixtures.


Modern and traditional techniques

Painters and lacquerers apply paint, lacquer, and wallpaper using a broad variety of techniques, both inside and outside of buildings. At Metrostav, painters and lacquerers are needed during all projects involving new construction as well as during the reconstruction of historical buildings. Those who perform restoration work are masterful craftsmen who use traditional technologies in repairing and renovating historical monuments.



High-voltage systems and building services engineering systems

Work performed by electricians includes installing, assembling, configuring, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. Electricians assemble, install, and connect switchgear, electrical appliances, and measuring devices, including control, safety, signaling, and protective circuits. They diagnose and repair defects, and they repair or replace defective components. Electricians must be familiar with relevant industrial regulations and OHS regulations.



Modern masonry and concrete-laying technologies

Masons are familiar with technologies relating to construction work, construction materials, and standard construction equipment. They build foundations, install formwork, work with reinforced concrete as well as hydro insulation, and erect load-bearing and partition walls and chimneys. Masons install doors and windows, tiles, drywall, inside and outside plaster; rehabilitate damp masonry; and install building insulation.

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Zuzana Junková
Apprenticeship Program
Telephone: +420 266 019 553, +420 602 439 536

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