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Enrolled at a university?

Choose when and how you want to join us.

Our programs for students and graduates are open to everyone interested, regardless of the field or year of study.

It just depends on you to what extent you take advantage of Metrostav's offer.

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Enrolled at a secondary school?

We offer internships at our facilities and construction sites for students in technical fields, civil and mechanical engineering programs in particular.

You can have your first job with no previous experience necessary.

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Do you want a stable job, decent wages, and many attractive fringe benefits? Are you attracted by modern technologies, large construction projects involving outstanding engineering feats, and you want to keep learning new things? Join our apprenticeship program and discover what it's like to work with a TOP employer. Learn from the best in the field!

You can earn between CZK 45,000 and CZK 100,000 while learning.

On top of that, you can make more money while undergoing hands-on training on our construction sites.

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Mgr. Markéta Purnochová
Partnerships with Universities
Telephone: +420 266 019 554, +420 702 284 272

Jitka Kovaříková, MBA
Recruitment and Partnerships with Secondary Schools
Telephone: +420 266 019 552, +420 602 193 208

Zuzana Junková
Apprenticeship Program
Telephone: +420 266 019 553, +420 602 439 536

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Training and Education

Professional training and continuing education are the alpha and omega of Metrostav's success. Every year, Metrostav Group's Training Center organizes internal training courses for approximately 10,000 employees. That translates into three courses per employee on average annually.


Specialized and Technical Training

Training aimed at construction work, technologies, processes, building information modeling (BIM), passive building, project timeline management, finance, and legal issues.

Language Training

Training aimed at improving or maintaining language proficiency through regular one-on-one or group lessons as well as high-intensity programs for international projects.

Adaptation Program

The program includes onboarding training for new recruits, adaptation programs for graduates, and training for employees assigned to a new position.

Professional and Mandatory Training

Training for operators of machinery and equipment, crane operators, bindery and scaffolding courses, training for electricians, and environmental, first-aid, OHS, and fire safety training.

Management Skills and Personal Development

Programs aimed at the development of interpersonal skills, communication, people management, conflict resolution, and team development.


Basic and advanced training that ranges from standard MS Office programs to specialized software for compiling budgets and design documents.

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