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University Students

Why join Metrostav?

Student Technician

Adéla Dlouhá

"Because of the varied nature of what Metrostav builds and the positions it offers. To be able to try out different tasks and find out what I really enjoy doing. Because of the readiness of colleagues to help and share their experience. No less importantly, because of the friendly, accommodating attitude with which they accepted me as part of the team."


Metrostav companies regularly place in top positions among employers of choice.

University students enrolled in technical fields have selected Metrostav as the most sought-after employer in the construction sector seven times in a row.

In addition, Metrostav placed third in the Engineering Sector, behind Škoda Auto and SIEMENS.

Choose when and how you want to join us

Our programs for students and graduates are open to everyone interested, regardless of the field or year of study. It just depends on you to what extent you take advantage of Metrostav's offer.

Start slow with mzone

  • Short-term internships

  • Company tours

  • Visits

  • "Drop in" program

  • "By students, for students" projects

  • Seminars

Raise the bar

  • Long-term internships and opportunity to try out the type of work you enjoy

  • Negotiated working hours (usually two to three days per week)

  • Work schedule adapted to your availability, where you can work during the academic year while studying

  • Assistance with assignments, bachelor's and master's theses, and doctoral dissertations

  • Rewards for outstanding theses

  • Scholarships for selected students

  • Adaptation course

  • Talent program

  • International visits and internships

  • Referral program

  • Shadowing and mentoring

Full steam ahead under Metrostav's colors

  • No previous experience required

  • Broad range of positions to choose from

  • Optional international internship

  • User-friendly adaptation process that includes an adaptation course and a coach who acts as a guide and supervisor

  • Broad selection of training courses and programs conducive to ongoing personal growth

  • Professional growth and career advancement

  • Talent program

  • Broad selection of benefits

Read more about mzone

What do students and graduates appreciate the most about Metrostav?


Explore positions available at Metrostav

These are the typical positions where you can work at Metrostav. Interested in other types of work? Explore.

Bid Manager

Accurate calculation is the key

Bid managers examine the specifications for requests for proposals and prepare bids. During the process, they submit inquiries to prospective subcontractors, evaluate their offers, and draft the construction timetable. The meticulous accuracy of bid managers helps Metrostav win construction contracts.

Construction Planner

Glitch-free construction process

Construction planners are team players who coordinate the planning of the construction process and the preparation of the construction timetable. They submit inquiries to suppliers of materials and services, evaluate submitted proposals, and take part in assessing and overseeing the detailed design documentation. Thanks to their organizational skills, everything is in the right place at the right time, allowing construction projects to be completed without a glitch.


Responsible for coordinating work tasks

Foremen are responsible for making sure that the part of the workplace under their supervision is in perfect order, both before and during the execution of projects. They manage and oversee tasks performed by workers under their management and by subcontractors, and they are responsible for occupational safety. They secure and coordinate deliveries of materials. Thanks to their unrelenting attention to detail, all construction work has the required quality.

Finance Project Manager

Financial oversight

Finance project managers are right at home in working with figures and numbers. They compile monthly financial statements, materials for audits, and oversee billing. They prepare price quotes and plans for requests for proposals and handle issues related to claims. Thanks to finance managers, our figures are always in perfect order.

Contact us for additional information

Mgr. Markéta Purnochová
Partnerships with Universities
Telephone: +420 266 019 554, +420 702 284 272

We will get back to you

If you haven't found a suitable position but are still interested in working for us, you can register in our database. If a position matching your requirements and qualifications comes up, we will contact you.

Jobs offer
Do you know that…

Our Benefits

Time Off and Recreation

Vacation and Paid Time Off

Five weeks of vacation and paid days off over and above the legal requirement, such as one day for your wedding, one day for graduation ceremony, six days per year for single parents, and much more.

Sick Days

Fully remunerated two sick days a year (three days for handicapped employees) to recover from an acute illness.

Regeneration Supported through Metrostav Benefity Café

Cafeteria vouchers or points worth CZK 8,000, a broad spectrum of benefits – health, sports, entertainment, travel.

Support for Sports

Multisport Card at a discounted price, summer and winter sports games.



Contribution for meals in the amount of CZK 85 per shift/day worked, paid together with wages.

Discounts and Specials

Discounts from Selected Partners

Discounted family rates from O2 and Vodafone, discounts on travel packages from Čedok Travel Agency, DATART VIP Program, discounts from Přerost Švorc Auto, and much more.

Metrostav Group Internal Employee Discounts

Discounted rates on the rental of small machinery, tire service, and prices of construction materials.

Support When You Need It

Childbirth Allowance

A CZK 15,000 contribution for the birth or adoption of a child.

Financial Assistance in Difficult Life Situations

Assistance of up to CZK 50,000 for employees and their family members in exceptionally difficult life situations.

Retirement Savings

Contributions for the pension fund scheme and the supplementary retirement savings scheme ranging from CZK 600 to CZK 1,500, depending on the duration of employment and the employee's contribution.

Health First and Foremost


Free flu shots, health days, and preventative health checks.

Wide Range of Rewards

Retirement Rewards

Reward paid upon retirement or award of Class 3 disability pension commensurate with the duration of employment – CZK 5,000, CZK 10,000, and CZK 20,000 for length of employment over five, 10, and 20 years, respectively.

Blood Donation Rewards

Reward for unpaid blood donations in the amount of CZK 8,000, CZK 12,000, and CZK 15,000 upon the award of the Jánský Medal, and CZK 20,000, CZK 25,000 and CZK 30,000 upon the award of the Golden Cross.

Work Anniversary Rewards

Rewards for length of employment in the amount of CZK 8,000, CZK 13,000, and CZK 18,000 for working with our company for 10, 15, and 20 years, respectively, and CZK 18,000 for every additional five years of employment.

Employee Referral Reward

A reward of up to CZK 25,000 for referring an employee paid after the end of his/her trial period.

Language Certificate Reward for University Graduates

A reward paid for submitting a language proficiency certificate within one year of hiring – CZK 5,000 and CZK 15,000 for the B1 and B2 levels, respectively, and CZK 25,000 for the C1 and C2 levels.

Jobs offer

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