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Partnerships with Schools

Our partnerships with the academic sector include universities, secondary industrial schools, and vocational schools. We organize student tours of our construction sites, hold specialized seminars, support student competitions, and offer various forms of scholarships. We provide targeted assistance to individual schools and cooperate in research and development. Below is a list of our partnerships with schools and our activities in the academic sector.

Partner academic institutions

Academic Sector Activities


Tours of our facilities and construction sites show students and their teachers our operations and introduce them to the various aspects of our work. They allow students to see the practical aspects of their field of study. During a tour, the project manager first presents the theoretical aspects. An excursion to the construction site follows, including an expert presentation of the individual stages of the building process.


We enjoy introducing students to our work. Our teams include experts with extensive experience and knowledge of their specialty. Based on arrangements made with schools, our specialists prepare topics that coincide with the academic curriculum to complement theoretical instruction with hands-on experience. In some cases, we present selected construction projects in their entirety to demonstrate all stages of the construction process, from the groundbreaking ceremony all the way to the finished structure.

Student Events

Because being in school is much more than classroom activities, we support events organized for students. They mostly include student competitions, adaptation courses for freshmen, dance parties, and festivals. Our support takes the form of financial assistance or in-kind support, where we donate prizes for the winners, winnings for raffles, or practical items for participants.

Job Fairs

Job fairs provide students with the opportunity to find out what employers offer in terms of internships and employment opportunities. We regularly exhibit at job fairs to present Metrostav's business. The friendly staff at our stands provide exhaustive explanations of the types of work and working conditions offered by our company. We hire a large number of students and graduates every year, and attending job fairs is an inseparable part of our operations.


Assisting specific students is equally as important to us as is supporting the educational system as a whole. We offer various scholarships to allow individual students to improve their financial situation, for example those who study abroad. Our scholarships are intended for university students, and they are mostly offered for one semester. In addition, Metrostav has a comprehensive apprenticeship program for students of vocational schools.

Prizes for Theses and Dissertations

We value the effort invested into writing a thesis or dissertation, aware that doing so is no easy feat. Every year, we reward the best ones with a financial sum awarded to selected graduates.


Visits to schools are an important activity, because they allow introducing Metrostav to future students. We support our partner schools through visits by their alumni who now work for our company. They present all facets of the construction industry as well as the various aspects of its future development. They describe their work to show students their employment prospects after graduation.

Water Fountains

In line with our commitment to environmental protection, we have joined forces with the Filtermac company in an effort to reduce the use of plastic materials. Metrostav finances water fountains at our partner universities, aiming to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Students and teachers bring their own bottles to the fountain to repeatedly fill them up with fresh, cold, filtered water free of charge.

Science and Research

Being an established Czech company, we feel responsible for the future development of the construction industry in our country. We support applied research in the framework of government-subsidized research projects in cooperation with technical universities and renowned research centers. Likewise, we encourage innovation within our teams, where Metrostav holds several patents and utility models.

Financial and In-Kind Donations

We maintain lasting partnerships with many civil engineering schools and faculties, where we provide both expertise and financial assistance. Every year, we provide our partner schools with a financial contribution they can use to assist their students and to develop their institution. In addition, we support schools by purchasing teaching aids and providing various other in-kind donations aimed at facilitating the teaching process.

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