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Working at Metrostav

We are a leader in our field. We execute extensive, complex, and technologically unique construction projects in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, including small-scope projects in the regions. We rely on our teams. The work of every individual employee is essential for ensuring that the system functions properly on the whole, allowing projects to be successfully completed.

Explore the essential components of Metrostav Group's operations.


Sales and Marketing

Responsible for winning contracts

They say that there is no construction project that would go unnoticed by Metrostav. Our sales and marketing specialists meticulously monitor all business opportunities on the market, maintain an internal order system, and develop ventures with commercial potential. In their work, they follow internal guidelines pertaining to segments, regions, and key account clients. When a request for a proposal is issued, they forward the necessary information to bidding specialists.

Bid Management

Accurate calculation is the key

Preparing a proposal and completing the bidding procedure for a contract is a highly demanding process. First, the specifications must be carefully examined, all facts and figures meticulously checked, project risks assessed, and technical solutions verified and, where applicable, alternatives proposed. A price quote must be prepared, and the contract, including terms and conditions, must be internally reviewed. All necessary documents must be procured, and the bid must be fine-tuned prior to submission. All of the foregoing is the responsibility of Metrostav's bid management teams.

Technical Departments

Building the smart way

When we say that Metrostav prides itself on expertise, it is our technical departments where most of the know-how is concentrated. Metrostav's engineers are responsible for devising the best method for building a bridge over a fjord, laying the foundations, erecting concrete structures, and installing complex façade assemblies. It goes without saying that being in the vanguard of state-of-the-art digital tools is a matter of course.

Project Teams

On the front line

Project teams remain on site throughout the execution of projects and truly live the building process. They deal with all aspects of the construction process, ranging from setting up the site, making preparations, procuring materials and services, communicating with the client, planners, technical supervisors, government authorities, and the public. They are responsible for safety, quality control, timetable, certification, delivery to the client, and ultimately for the profit earned. In a nutshell, they are everywhere and handle everything.

Operations and Production Centers

Proprietary expert resources

Over the years, Metrostav has established a number of specialized centers and facilities, which primarily serve as internal subcontractors. Some function independently, such as the mechanical and electrical engineering centers, while others operate within large divisions, such as the carpentry and iron processing shops and the steel structure manufacturing facility. Our proprietary resources allow us to produce a diverse array of products and to guarantee superior quality.

Finance Experts

Watching the figures

Finance and economics aficionados work in various areas of Metrostav's business. Project finance managers concentrate on the particulars of specific projects. Finance experts at the level of divisions are responsible for monitoring contracts, planning, and comptrolling. Their counterparts at the head office work in the Accounting Department or Metrostav's internal bank. Others are responsible for financing, insurance, and payroll accounting.


Finding reliable subcontractors

In executing projects, Metrostav complements its production resources with products and services supplied by subcontractors. The main task of procurement officers in divisions is to work together with project teams in finding and contracting high-quality subcontractors for specific construction projects as well as purchasing materials for our operations. Centralized procurement handles recurring purchases of items under framework agreements, thanks to which substantial savings can be achieved by procuring supplies on a company-wide basis. Likewise, procurement officers monitor market developments, prices of labor and materials, maintain a list of preferred and undesirable suppliers, and assist project teams in procuring necessary items in an economical manner.

Quality Control and Environmental Protection

High-quality, safety, and a focus on green solutions

Quality control officers work closely together with project teams. They provide advice regarding technologies and processes, help prepare the quality control plan, and verify the accuracy of quality control documentation and the tests performed. They are responsible for ensuring that projects are executed in an ecological manner and that documents required under the law and under contracts with clients are available on construction sites. Safety technicians are responsible for workplace safety. Apart from handling the paperwork, they help monitor work performed on the construction site. Their motto is "Identify risks before they cause a problem."


Software developers and IT administrators are responsible for the broad array of Metrostav's information systems, ranging from the standard corporate solutions (EGJE, OneWorld, MS 365) to our proprietary applications and databases. They oversee the hardware used by Metrostav Group's member companies in offices and on construction sites in various parts of the country. IT Help Desk operators patiently help end users resolve the various issues they encounter.

Human Resources

Satisfied workforce

Metrostav's HR officers have a straightforward mission – finding the right people, offering them an appealing job, creating favorable working conditions, providing ongoing training, and maintaining employee satisfaction and continuing growth. In doing so, HR staff compile employment-related documents, secure benefits, maintain partnerships with schools, nurture talents, analyze data, monitor trends, and communicate with managerial staff, keeping in mind that people are the most valuable capital we possess.


Preparing solid contracts and avoiding disputes

Our lawyers check every single agreement we sign, including work contracts with clients, agreements with subcontractors, service providers, and cooperation memoranda. Their watchful eye and prudence are valuable, especially in resolving disputes. In such cases, lawyers defend Metrostav's interests in negotiating each settlement.

Media and PR

Public relations first and foremost

Our PR team carries out a broad range of activities. They all have a single objective - building good repute - by showing who we are, what we do, and what our past accomplishments are. Metrostav's PR staff handle the full communication mix. They create advertisements, draft printed and online presentations, prepare articles for specialized media, and oversee sponsorship deals. Every two weeks, they publish the Metrostav Newsletter. In addition, they organize numerous events for experts, the media, and the public, such as groundbreaking and completion ceremonies, and tours of interesting projects. PR officers are also responsible for producing videos and coordinating construction site photographers.

Clerical Staff

Providing support and keeping things in order

Receptionists, assistants, and officers are a friendly, accommodating, and orderly bunch. Office staff ensure glitch-free operation, communicate with government authorities, attend to site amenities, organize meetings, conferences, and business trips, sort and process mail, and help with various ad-hoc events, such as COVID testing and the distribution of gifts for employees.

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