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Ing. Jiří Husárik, Ph. D.

Operations Manager

If you want to work on interesting projects, Metrostav is the right choice. I had the opportunity to build Blanka.

Most students in civil engineering want to work on large and technologically unique projects. Jirka got this opportunity right after finishing school when he joined Metrostav as a technician in a project team for the construction of the Blanka tunnel. He was responsible for the preparation of the Troja part of the construction and subsequently for its implementation as project manager.

Relatively shortly after school, I got to see the whole spectrum of construction activities. I worked with designers, investors, and suppliers on the largest tunnel project in Central Europe. It was exciting.

After completing the project, Jirka was looking for another challenge. His dream was to solve non-traditional implementations. That is why he decided to focus on the energy sector, specifically nuclear power plants, and to build operations specialized in this specific segment. And he succeeded – thanks in part to his team, Metrostav has obtained certificates that authorize the company to carry out construction works in the strict mode to which nuclear power plants are subject.
Jirka shares his experience with students at his alma mater, the Faculty of Civil Engineering at VŠB-TU in Ostrava.

During my studies, I gained the best skills and knowledge from teachers that had previously worked in practice. Maybe it’s out of nostalgia, but I feel I should return the favor to the faculty. I am pleased to be able to pass on my experience, and not only to my current colleagues, but also to those who may one day become my colleagues.


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