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Tomáš Kocek


Tomáš hails from Ústí nad Labem, where Metrostav has a partnership with the local Secondary School of Construction Engineering, which includes an apprentice scholarship program. Tomáš signed up for the program at the age of 15, and began working on Metrostav's worksites while studying as part of the hands-on training. He joined the company on a full-time basis immediately after graduating as a metalworker. His first assignment was the metalworking shop in Division 5 in Prague.

"I liked that I was earning money while studying, and I knew that I would have a job after getting my diploma. Incidentally, I learned to use hand tools at school, but here, we use machines for everything. It's a completely different ballgame."

When Tomáš later decided to return to his home region, he looked for a position within Metrostav in Northern Bohemia and accepted an offer from the regional branch of Division 8 in Ústí nad Labem. He has taken advantage of the opportunity to improve his qualifications, and has completed a number of courses, earning a certificate for electrode and carbon dioxide welding and a permit to operate a forklift.

"I like it when I pass by something we have built. It feels good knowing that I was a part of it. Among many other projects, I took part in the construction of a swimming pool at Klíše in Ústí nad Labem, which I now regularly visit. I did almost all of the handrails, so I know each of the welds. It's awesome to see the work behind me and to know that it serves so many people."


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