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Invoicing Information

  1. For the purposes of this procedure, invoice means an invoice or a corrective tax document (credit note).

    Other written documents must be delivered in paper form or electronically to the delivery address specified in the contract or order or to the Company’s data mailbox.

  1. The due date of the invoice is specified in the contract or order and is calculated from the date of its delivery to the delivery address specified below. Unless otherwise contractually stipulated, the date of payment of the invoice shall be the date of transmission of the transfer order to Company’s bank.

  1. The invoice must be issued in accordance with legal requirements. It must also contain at least the following information:

    • contract or order number;

    • cost center number or construction designation;

    • description of works done according to the contract or order;

    • other agreed upon details according to the contract or order.

      Should the invoice does not contain the above-specified details, or should the invoice contain incorrect information of if defective work done is invoiced, the Company shall be entitled to demand that the invoice be reworked. Upon receipt of the corrected invoice, a new due date shall commence.

  2. All invoices must be delivered to the Company’s central mailroom by one of the following methods:

    a) in paper form to the following address: Metrostav a.s., Koželužská 2450/4, Libeň, 180 00 Praha 8

    b) electronically in the PDF format to the following e-mail address:

  3. Should you have any questions regarding the due date of invoices, please contact and consult the person who ordered the delivery.

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