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Modernisation of Želivka Water Treatment Plant

Industrial construction

The single-stage treatment of water from Želivka could cease to meet the latest drinking water requirements at certain times of the year due to deterioration in the quality of surface water. Therefore, the treatment plant was enhanced by a second technological stage - filtration through granular activated carbon (GAC).

Basic information

Project Investor:

Úpravna vody Želivka, a.s.

Project Designer:

Sweco Hydroprojekt a.s.

Project Duration:

09/2018 – 01/2021

Modernisation of Želivka Water Treatment Plant


The project involved the construction of a GAC hall with 16 filters. The contract included, among other things, the necessary modifications to the operating facilities to connect the GAC hall to the treatment plant’s system. The modernisation therefore covered the building of connecting structures between the GAC and filtration halls for lines for washing water and air, as well as the construction of the intake and subsequent discharge of water from the GAC process and the outflow of filtrate from the GAC process to a connecting chamber in front of the measuring structure.

Project in numbers

  • 1.604 m2
    Filtration area for 16 new filters
  • 2.730 m3
    Amount of granular activated carbon in filters
  • 3.500 l/s
    Maximum performance of new filters

Uniqueness of construction project

To achieve the required extremely high standard of the new technology, it was necessary to ensure unusually high corrosion resistance for the stainless steel piping, which underlines the uniqueness of the modernisation work. The same parameters had to be met by all fittings and brackets, as well as selected flange surfaces. In order to meet them, it was necessary to ship products abroad for electropolishing. A major constraint in the organisation of the construction was to carry out the work during a partial shutdown of the otherwise continuously operating treatment plant.


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