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Modifications to Hořín Lock

Other Civil Engineering Works

The purpose of the modifications to Hořín lock on Vraňany-Hořín Canal was to enable the passage of a boat with dimensions of 137 x 11.4 m and a navigational height of up to 7.0 m. The solution consisted of altering one bridge span from fixed to lifting and alterations to both heads of the large lock. 

Basic information

Project Investor:

Ředitelství vodních cest ČR

Project Designer:

Valbek, spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

03/2019 – 05/2021

Modifications to Hořín Lock


One span of the original stone heritage-protected bridge was replaced by a steel truss structure, to which original granite elements were attached. The bridge is lifted by hydraulic cylinders in the bridge supports. When running, all the technology is hidden and invisible from the outside. The passage profile was widened by moving the western wall of the large lock.

Project in numbers

  • 410 tons
    Weight of new bridge
  • 95 %
    Success rate for use of original granite stones
  • 5,5 minutes
    Time for the bridge to rise 5 m

Uniqueness of construction project

The conversion of a solid stone bridge into a hydraulically lifted structure with its original appearance is completely unique. The modifications to Hořín lock were therefore declared Construction Project of the Year 2022. It impressed through the uniqueness of the technical solution for the heritage-protected structure, which the jury thought was extremely bold. It preserved the memory of the site, evidence of our ancestors’ technical skill and, at the same time, modified the lock’s functionality for the desired use.


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