Metrostav handy cyklo maraton

Metrostav is a proud general partner of the unique cycling competition Metrostav Handy Cycle Marathon, which is a five-day nonstop race that's 2 222 km long with a limit of 111 hours. Teams here are made up of the healthy and the handicapped, men and women, amateurs and professionals. The goal of the project is to integrate the handicapped into society and show in practice that everyone without differences can form one big functioning team, both in an extreme race and in ordinary life.

The Metrostav Group doesn't just send racing teams to the race, but also a group of volunteers, who help with preparation and organization. Employees that take part in the event as racers or as volunteer organizers are provided with paid leave. The director of the race Heřman Volf commented on the collaboration: “I was surprised how welcoming the approach of the representatives of the Metrostav Group was and how quality our partnership turned out to be. I would never believe that a construction giant could have such a human side.”

The unique Metrostav handy cyklo maraton is organized by the public benefit organization Cesta za snem, which handicapped and non-handicapped citizens through social and sporting events. Metrostav is a proud partner of a range of its other projects  throughout the year.

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