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Revitalisation of Stříbrné jezero Recreational Area - 1st Stage

Commercial construction

The purpose of the construction project was to create conditions for the transformation of a former gypsum mining area for recreational purposes. The project included natural and landscaping modifications, making the area accessible, transport and technical infrastructure solutions and lake shore modifications. 

Basic information

Project Investor:

Czech Republic - Ministry of Finance and the City of Opava

Project Designer:

STUDIO-D Opava s.r.o.

Project Duration:

06/2020 – 05/2023

Revitalisation of Stříbrné jezero Recreational Area - 1st Stage


The main structures in the first stage of the revitalization were a suspension footbridge over the Opava River and an underpass under a class III road, thanks to which Městské sady park and Stříbrné jezero recreational area were connected. Natural and landscaping improvements were made, new roads, pavements, hardened areas and a new gravity sewage sewer system, including a pumping station, were built. A relief channel was dug for collision-free outflow and lake level regulation. After the lake’s banks were modified, a natural area called Children’s World was built. 

Project in numbers

  • 37 972 m2
    Area affected by natural and landscaping modifications
  • 65 m
    Span of suspension footbridge
  • 15 m
    Length of underpass under road

Uniqueness of Structure

Territorial and technical conditions at the lake are quite complex. In 1997, the whole area was under water. The contract for the rugged terrain concerned not only protection of the countryside and river, as well as flood protection measures. A relief channel was excavated for collision-free outflow and regulation of the lake level.

As part of the revitalization, the shores of the lake were modified and the "Children's World" natural area was built, it also includes cascading stone tribunes made of Jurassic limestone and a dry riverbed, which was spanned by an almost 19 m long three-bay wooden footbridge.


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