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Krkonoše Mountain National Park (KRNAP) Visitor Centre in Vrchlabí

Commercial construction

The contract involved the reconstruction of the Augustinian monastery in Vrchlabí, a listed building, which for the past forty years has functioned as the Museum of the Krkonoše Mountains, extension of the entrance to the building, and modification of its facilities so as to be able to function as the Krkonoše Mountain National Park Visitor Centre, with a new exhibition documenting the history of the Krkonoše Mountains.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Krkonoše Mountain National Park Administration

Project Designer:

DELTAPLAN, spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

02/2020 – 07/2022

Krkonoše Mountain National Park (KRNAP) Visitor Centre in Vrchlabí


The project primarily involved the replacement of technologies in the basement and on the ground floor, and the replacement of flooring stemming from this, repairs to plasterwork, securing the statics of certain parts of the building, renovating the courtyard, and the construction of an extension made of a sculptured concrete shell where the new entrance will be located. The building also underwent moisture remediation, particularly in the Paradise Courtyard, where there were signs of moisture penetration from under the ground. 

Project in figures

  • 5 479,6 m2
    Area of historic plasterwork repaired
  • 411,8 m2
    Area of shuttering for the shell of the new entrance
  • 119,7 m3
    Volume of concrete for the shell

Unique features of the building

The perimeter structure of the new entrance was created using a reinforced-concrete shell with irregular, polygonal walls of different inclination that run from the walls in the first underground floor to the roof. These should resemble a rock massif. The shuttering for the concrete shell was precision-designed in a 3D model and manufactured on a CNC machine. Each of its parts was then precisely laid out by a surveyor. The concreting of the shell from exposed concrete was carried out in 1.5 – 2-metre-high horizontal layers.


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