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Aqualand Moravia

Commercial construction

A state-of-the-art aquapark with the largest number of roofed attractions in the Czech Republic.

Basic information

Project Investor:

ŽS Real, a.s.

Project Designer:


Project Duration:

02/2012 – 07/2013

Aqualand Moravia

Project in numbers

  • 3,476 m2
    Total pool area
  • 3,541 m3
    Total pool capacity
  • 167 m2
    Total wellness area
  • 185 m3
    Total wellness capacity
  • 9 autobusů
    Number of parking spaces
  • 350 automobilů
    Number of parking spaces


A state-of-the-art aquapark with the largest number of roofed attractions in the Czech Republic. The appearance of the interior is inspired by the Roman baths.

For lovers of relaxation, there is an extensive wellness area features a sauna, Hammam spa, outdoor pool overlooking Pálava and a cryo-chamber. For relaxation pools and wellness procedures, water with a high content of hydrogen sulphide and minerals from the Mušov geothermal well is used, reaching temperatures up to 46 °

Refreshments are provided in 4 bars and 2 restaurants with a capacity of 480 seats.


Exceptionality of the structure

The hall with attractions has a reinforced concrete wall with a thickness of only 25 centimeters, reinforced by columns. The walls reach a height of over 15 meters. The stiffness of the structure is ensured by a roof made of wooden glued trusses, braces and decking.

All the inlets for the massage nozzles and beads had to be installed by the construction workers before the casting of the whirlpools into a reinforced construction. Then, they had to endure the casting, carried out in four cycles. The pipeline was pressurized and kept under constant surveillance. In addition, with regard to the large amounts of water, it was necessary to check for material transitions, for example, the connection of the hydro insulation of the floor to the edge of the stainless steel pool, the dilatation of the structure, the contact of vertical and horizontal structures, etc.

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