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Riverpark Modřany, stage 1, buildings F, G

Residential construction
Prague 12 - Modřany

The construction of the first two buildings of a new residential district in Prague with the business name Zahálka is located in the Modřany district of Prague, between the Vltava River and Modřanská Street.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Madidou Trade, a.s.

Project Designer:

DELTAPLAN spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

09/2018 – 01/2021

Riverpark Modřany, stage 1, buildings F, G


In the above-ground parts of both buildings, there is a total of 240 apartment units, from 1+kitchenette to 5+kitchenette. Apartment buildings F and G have 3 underground floors. The above-ground areas of both buildings consist of a four-story, L-shaped structure with towers of a square ground plan shape. Building F houses 108 apartment units on 12 floors. Building G houses 132 apartment units on 14 floors. Garages, cellars and technical rooms (mechanical rooms of the building technical facilities, boiler room, rooms for waste containers, electrical distribution rooms) are located in the common underground parts of the buildings.

The underground floors feature a column construction system, combined with a wall stair core and perimeter walls. The ceiling slabs of the above-ground floors are designed as continuous and they are linearly supported by reinforced concrete walls. The project includes investments in a public park, construction modifications to the rainwater retention reservoir, construction modifications to the existing road at Mezi Vodami Street, and utility overpasses and connections, etc. 

The Project in Numbers

  • 1 170 m2
    Built-up area
  • 104 860 m3
    enclosed space
  • 27 400 m2
    usable area

Exceptional Nature of Project

The new complex is located between a railway and a tram line, and is raised by one or two floor levels to allow for a full view even the residents of the ground floor apartments. The surrounding park adjoins the Vltava River and the popular bike path that runs along it, as well as the golf course.


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