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Holešovice Student House

Residential construction
Prague Holešovice

A new hotel-type building designed as an extension of a street block in the area of Partyzánská, Na Zátorách and U Elektrárny Streets in Prague 7 - Holešovice. 

Basic information

Project Investor:

ENTRUST, s.r.o.

Project Designer:

DELTAPLAN spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

11/2018 – 09/2020

Holešovice Student House


The building has 8 above-ground and 1 underground floors. Some floors are divided into smaller parts, separated by terraces.

The underground floor is mainly used as a collective closed garage, including technical areas. A part of the underground floor also houses accommodation and warehouse rooms. On the 1st floor, there is the entrance lobby, some rooms and multifunctional and relaxation areas (e.g. a restaurant, lounge, study room, (fitness). Most of the relaxation areas are for the guests. A part of the 1st floor also houses retail units. The 2nd floor houses rooms, retail units and a part of the multifunctional areas (classrooms). On the 3rd to 8th floors, there are rooms (accommodation units). A part of the technical areas is also located on the roofs.

The V-shaped building with an enclosed inner courtyard, with garages extending under a part of the courtyard, is located in a sloping terrain.

The contract included dismantling of the technology and demolition of the steam collector, relocation of the railway power cables, power lines, public lighting, traction rail lines, low-current systems, protection of the networks under the new entrance, cancelled sewer line, public sidewalk, orchard landscaping, including outdoor furniture and small architecture (retaining walls and outdoor stairs).

The Project in Numbers

  • 4 041 m2
    Brick structures
  • 7 521 m3
    Total volume of the reinforced concrete structures
  • 875 m3
    Concrete volume
  • 594
    External PVC windows
  • 20 057 m3
    Drywall partitions total
  • 7 409 m2
    Ceramic tiles

Exceptional Nature of Project

The building also houses enclosed study rooms, a game room, communal kitchen, sky bar on the 7th floor and a multifunctional social room adjacent to the garden.


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