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Reconstruction of the boat lift at the Orlík dam

Roads and Bridges
Orlík dam

The purpose of the modernisation of the boat lift for sports boating on the Orlík reservoir was to increase the operational and utility characteristics of the equipment and its reliability. The new lift enables the transport of boats with almost twice the carrying capacity and their passage even at a reservoir level 2.5 m lower than the original one.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Povodí Vltavy, state enterprise

Project Designer:


Project Duration:

09/2019 – 05/2022

Reconstruction of the boat lift at the Orlík dam


The work consists of four parts: technological section A (manufacture of the new mechanical and electro-technological part of the trolley and turntable); technological section B (assembly of the aforementioned trolley and turntable including all tests and inspections); construction section A (construction modifications and extension of the track on the upstream side of the Orlík dam); construction section B (construction and technological modifications of the existing track on the downstream side and crown of the Orlík dam).

Project in figures

  • 70 m
    Lift travel height
  • 300 m
    Approximate length of the lift
  • 6,6 t
    Maximum carrying capacity of transported boat

Uniqueness of construction

The project was commissioned in Design&Build mode. For this reason, it was first necessary to design a concept for the building and translate it into a feasibility study. The works were not allowed to restrict boat traffic and therefore it was necessary to complete the entire construction part, including the filling of the reservoir, on time. The technically demanding part was laying the rails on the extended track. The rails had to be bent in the hall before assembly to best fit the shape of the lower structure.


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