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Reconstruction of the Resistance Monument in Prague, Žižkov

Commercial construction

Reconstruction and completion transformed the functionalist complex of the Resistance Monument at the Military Historical Institute into one of the largest military museums in Europe.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Project Designer:

TECHNISERV, spol. s r.o.

Project Duration:

09/2018 – 11/2022

Reconstruction of the Resistance Monument in Prague, Žižkov


The three listed buildings marked A, B and C underwent complete reconstruction, including the restoration of the supporting structures, which were in a much worse condition than the project had anticipated. Building A is now used for administration, building C houses exhibition spaces and a café, building B has a mixed function. The completely new Building D includes, in addition to temporary exhibition spaces, a reception and lecture halls and was created by building a basement and roof for the original atrium. It had to be based on micropiles, because in part of the ground plan there was not the rock foundation as expected but only dumped earth.

Project in figures

  • 3 389 m2
    Developed area of the complex
  • 60 600 m3
    Total developed area
  • 3 040 m
    Total length of carbon slats for restoration and reinforcement of load-bearing structures

Uniqueness of construction

The renovation of the Army Museum complex was awarded the prestigious title of Building of the Year 2022. The project was given the award for the significant expansion of the usable areas of the museum and for the humility with which the renovation was approached, taking into account the original form of the building and the purity of the details and individual elements. The contract also included activities that builders rarely encounter: for example, complete equipment for exhibition collections, which means backdrops, panelling, atypical surfaces, showcases or stage lighting and other decorations.


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