PIANO Administrative Center

Commercial construction
České Budějovice

Modern, five-story building, size of which respects the surrounding buildings.

Basic information

Project Investor:

Piano Business Center

Project Designer:

CMC architects

Project Duration:

07/2016 – 07/2018


Modern, five-story building, size of which respects the surrounding buildings. It houses offices, shopping areas on the ground floor and more than hundred parking spaces on two underground stories. The building foundation is of a deep structure on large-diameter drilled piles. The foundation slab, together with the perimeter walls is made of watertight concrete. The loadbearing structures of the above-ground stories are formed by a reinforced concrete skeleton.


Project in numbers

  • 7 660 m2 Size of the offices
  • 600 Possible number of employees in the offices
  • 1 200 m2 Size of the lease areas for shops and services
  • 126 Number of parking spots in the building
  • 24 700 m3 Excavated soil volume
  • 7 200 m3 Used concrete volume

Building exceptionality

The unusual architectural design of the PIANO building expresses dynamics and harmony. The facade grid evokes keys of a concert grand piano, while the tilting upper attic reminds its shape. From the construction perspective, the most demanding element of the structure was the facade - from preparing the project workshop documentation to high demands for accuracy when building its loadbearing structure. Furthermore, four months prior to the building completion, Metrostav the subcontractor, which was supposed to implement the intricate facade, went out of business. As a result, the facade was eventually assembled by its own employees within a very short time.